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Welcome to the EduBlogs site of XSTREAM TEAM
William and Aida Jackson of My Quest to Teach and
Love Built Life, LLC, respectively.
We welcome you to our site to share the love of
STEM, STEAM and STREAM locally, nationally and

We provide workshops to teach STREAM through
Blogging, Vblogging,  Podding (Podcasting), Design
& Modeling workshops. Integrating The Arts we
provide hands-on workshops that are in-person
or virtually that challenge youth, teens and young
adults to be creative thinkers, innovative designers
and thought leaders for the future.

If you are interested in a workshop please reach
out to us. myquesttoteach@gmail.com

Upcoming Events
One Africa Forum
Topic: OPTIMUM – Transforming Africa
through effective sectors’ collaboration
Date: Aug 20 and 21, 2021
Time: 12:00 PM Johannesburg
One Africa Forum: Global Youth Virtual
William Jackson, M.Ed.
and others….

Published on Africa.com
William is a speaker that is published in Africa
on the globally respected Africa.com web site
Professional Learning on Clubhouse

Other published works:

Our Partnerships
* The Microsoft Store – Jacksonville, Florida
* Jacksonville Public Library – Jacksonville, Florida
* Appleton Public Library – Appleton, WI
* Girls, Inc. – Jacksonville, Florida
* Florida State College of Jacksonville
*   Data Busters & GEAR UP  Youth Groups

Summer 2021 Announcement for WPJax

WPJax Meetup for adults and youth…….
We manage the WPJax Kids WordPress Meetup on the
3rd Tuesday of each month from 5pm to 6pm.
This is virtual and allows us to expose youth to the world
of WordPress using STEAM and online engagements.
We are coming off  summer break and working to
prepare another season of Kids events. The pandemic
is creating a delay so please stay tuned for more
information. September 2021
Go to https://www.meetup.com/wordpress-jacksonville/events/   for more information and updates
for the WPJax Meetup.
Go to https://www.meetup.com/wordpress-jacksonville/events/
William Jackson and Aida Correa

Who We Are Working with Summer 2021
Speaking on @Clubhouse in the room by
Educ8World – https://educ8.world/
Connect with us on Clubhouse:
William @myquesttoteach
Aida @lovebuiltlife

June 2021
Connection: A Lingua-Cultura Experience
Aida and I proud to be speaking at this
wonderful global event on Clubhouse.
This was a global education conference
on language, language development.
Thursday, June 24 to Saturday, June 26, 2021

July 2021
STEAM Camp a Global Conversation

JULY 16 & 17, 2021 | ONLINE @ CLUBHOUSE
How STEAM education is influencing the world
and how educators, business leaders can use
STEAM to better the world.

Redefining Arts Education
July 30th to August 1st
The purpose of this conference is to provide a
24/7 international platform through which to talk
about advancements in Arts education and how
we can collectively support this part of our
communities more holistically.

Florida State College Jacksonville
Data Busters Program
“Imagination, Creativity and Innovation”
Part I & Part II Virtual Two Week Camp
June 21 to July 2 2021

Florida State College Jacksonville
GEAR UP Program
“STEAM Program – Building Rockets”
July 6th to July 30th

Data Busters Trip to Kennedy Space Center 2021
Chaperoning high school students from Duval
and Baker counties.


Santa Clarita WordCamp 2021
Aida Correa-Jackson

WordCamp Santa Clarita July 17th / 18th


William Jackson
WordCamp Santa Clarita July 17th / 18th


WordFest Live 2021

“Creating, Developing and Implementing a Virtual Meetup for Kids with WordPress”

Speaker: William and Aida Jackson
Session Time: 8:00pm July 22nd, 2021 EDT


Need A Workshop for your youth organization?
To find out about summer workshops for youth, teens and
young adults email us at myquesttotech@gmail.com
William and Aida are passionate educators that inspire
youth, teens and young adults to participate in all types
of STREAM events online and in person as COVID19
pandemic passes and it gradually becomes safer for


STEAM Twin Lakes Academy Projects Digital Projects
Second Period Career Videos at TLAM
Third Period Video Projects at TLAM
Sixth Period Career Visions Created by TLAM Students

Affordable Pricing:
We offer affordable trainings to small, medium and
large groups with multiple learning opportunities.
Contact us by email to setup and appointment to speak.

If you’re not sure what STEAM contains.
Science Technology Engineering Arts Math
a collaboration of learning resources, activities and
programs. The past summers 2019 and 2020 events
and during the school sessions we have  worked with
over 500 youth, teens and young adults from Jacksonville,
Florida, Canada, Central America and even provided
help in African WordCamps/KidsCamps.

This summer of 2021 we are in contract with
Florida State College of Jacksonville teaching with
GEAR Up Program
Data Busters Program

Appleton Library System
We are working with the Appleton Library System
in Appleton, WI providing workshops to high school
age teens for summer programming.
There schedule for STEAM is here:

Protalks with Lynn – Speaking on Prostate Cancer
The Protalks, (Prostate, Outreach, Opportunities
and Options) community outreach project is
headed by CaRECitizen Scientist alumna
throughout state of  Florida.

Working to build digital leaders among children not just
locally, globally.
Encouraging collaboration, cooperation, community development using web tools.
Special thanks to the creators of EduBlogs creating the
phenomenal platform to encourage students to write
and share their authentic voices.
To partner with William and Aida and provide a
workshop in your area and for your org, school,
community group contact us at:

Our Social Sites:

William https://twitter.com/wmjackson
Aida https://twitter.com/LoveBuiltLife


@lovebuiltlife – Aida
@myquesttoteach – William

Our signature event is:
“Are You Smarter Than An Eight Grader”
An assortment of life changing questions
related to STEM, STREAM, STEAM and other
relevant information that may be found
on scholarship applications, internship
applications and even college applications.
We have used this while teaching in Canada,
Costa Rica and across the United States.

In 2021 we have been blessed to work with
WordCamp Central America with their first
ever KidsCamp conference using
STREAM Educational concepts.

Contact us if you would like to provide this
for your youth, teen and young adult groups
virtually  myquesttoteach@gmail.com

We hope you enjoy our photos below from
events over the past 2 years.

ONE JAX with Metro-town in a day, diversity training with high school students.
ONE JAX with Metro-town in a day, diversity training with high school students.
2019 WordCamp Y'All in Montgomery, Alabama
2019 WordCamp Y’All in Montgomery, Alabama
KidsCamp 2019 in Costa Rica with WordCampCR
KidsCamp 2019 in Costa Rica with WordCampCR
Enjoying the beach on the western side of Costa Rica 2019
Enjoying the beach on the western side of Costa Rica 2019
WordCamp Philly 2019 Panel Discussion
WordCamp Philly 2019 Panel Discussion
WordCamp Philly 2019 Aida Correa providing closing remarks
WordCamp Philly 2019 Aida Correa providing closing remarks
ONE JAX with Metro-town in a day diversity training 2019
ONE JAX with Metro-town in a day diversity training 2019
Educational Technology, Social Media and STEAM class at Edward Waters College
Educational Technology, Social Media and STEAM class at Edward Waters College
WordCamp Philadelphia 2016 Josh, Prof. Jackson and Jon our first WordCamp Philly
WordCamp Philadelphia 2016 Josh, Prof. Jackson, and Jon our first WordCamp Philly
Combining the Arts and Technology at The Microsoft Store 2019
Combining the Arts and Technology at The Microsoft Store 2019
STREAM in use at WordCamp Jacksonville 2019
STREAM in use at WordCamp Jacksonville 2019
STREAM in use at WordCamp Jacksonville 2019
STREAM in use at WordCamp Jacksonville 2019
STREAM in use with building blocks at WordCamp Jacksonville 2019
STREAM in use with building blocks at WordCamp Jacksonville 2019
WordCampCR in Costa Rica 2019 KidsCamp
WordCampCR in Costa Rica 2019 KidsCamp
2019 WordCamp Orlando, Florida
2019 WordCamp Orlando, Florida


Part 2 2020 WordCamp Sustainable Development Goals forContent Creators

Part 2 2020 WordCamp Sustainable Development Goals for
Content Creators

by William Jackson, M.Ed. My Quest To Teach #MyQuestToTeach

We are speaking at: 
WordCamp Miami
WordCamp Jacksonville
WordCamp Atlanta
WordCamp YYC in Calgary Canada

My Quest To Teach
My Quest To Teach

1. Understand that authentic content is more important
than quantity. Anyone can quote statistics and data, but
how do you apply that information to real world experiences
to give your readers a real world experience?
2. Video blogging maybe the tech trend, but understanding how
to strategically apply it is valuable in promoting your Brand.
3. Be adaptable in applying tools and using platforms in
providing services. Flexibility is important as well because
everyone’s situation and circumstances are different. Each has
unique challenges, objectives and goals.
4. Content will always be King, but engagement is Queen.
You can catch more bees with honey than vinegar.
5. Don’t trust your Brand just to SEO, at some point you and
your business have to get out and meet people and talk to them.
6. Content must inspire mental agility and cognitive engagement.
Inviting the viewers and readers to contemplate, consider and
then consecrate by applying information to their lives.
Information is not powerful unless it is shared and distributed.
7. Sometimes it is better to collaborate with others and not
compete. We are in a global society of thought leadership and
intellectual influence. Competition is phasing out while
collaborations are growing.
8. Do not fool with foolish folks that distract you from
creating authentic content. You cannot allow all trends that
only last for minutes or hours influence your decision making
for the long haul.
9. Your content should always contain your passion, it is
representative of who you are and the direction you are
going with your Brand and influence.
10. Have a scalable, adaptable, living mission and vision
statement. It should be able to grow and adapt as you grow
and adapt.
11. Be cautious of new technologies, not all tech will enhance
your Brand nor Market you in the right direction.
12. Embrace the diversity of life experiences and people use
this information to broaden and strengthen your Brand and
its influence. Use each to add value to your content through
relationship building.
13. Volunteer, teach and mentor; make yourself accessible to
share your knowledge to youth, teens and young adults. They
will be your future customers, employees and Venture
14. Have defined goals related to your content creation.
15. Create content with a goal in mind. If your grandmother
would be uncomfortable maybe you should not post it.

Digital Jobs Globally
Digital Jobs Globally

16. Take advantage of networking, have business cards ready
and your “elevator pitch” memorized with zeal and enthusiasm.
17. Your content will not be successful on all platforms,
conduct a Social Media audit and diversify.
18. Your Brand should be the same across diverse platforms
with the same colors, font, graphics and videos have the
same feel and inspiration.
19. Understand the dynamics of your readers, viewers and
You are influencing them more than you know. Use multiple
languages that apply linguistical nuances and cultural
20. Check out your competition and see the changes they
make to adjust to the fluctuation in markets and trends.
21. As a content creator you should have the mindset of
a life-long learner. Knowledge is not powerful unless
applied correctly.
22. Integration is strategically planned. New technology,
new ideology, new widgets all need strategic ways to
integrate into your content development.
21. Understand the vision of yourself, “never have a
grasshopper mentality.”
Minister Thoran Brown – Westside Church of
Christ, Jacksonville, Florida
22. If developing a team make sure they all share and
embrace your vision, mission and passion. It only takes
one to cause confusion and lower your passions.
23. Choose a host that will work with you, has wonderful
customer service and knows how to problem solve. Good
hosting services will send you a card on your birthday
and traditional holidays and remember special occasions
in life.
24. See the value of thought leadership. Everyone cannot
lead intellectually.
25. Everyone on your team should understand their
accountability and responsibility as content creators
and their influence.
26. Be engaged in community activism, community service
and volunteering.
27. Don’t put down and demean youth, teens and young
adults mentality and ability to work. You maybe put
in the position of managing people with a disability
or a challenge in some way.
28. Make sure accessing your content is accessibly
compliant. Think about the visually, auditory and
cognitively challenged. They had a right to learn
from you.
29. Offer internships when possible.
30. Be sure all your photos and videos represent your
Brand and your Mission statement.

Type Writer
Type Writer

Each opportunity to support a WordCamp should be
taken, either by sponsoring, promoting, or volunteering.
WordCamp and even KidsCamp conferences are unique and
vital chances to grow and be in the know in a growing
and dynamic industry that is global.
Look at the expansion of Central America and Africa,
our nation (America) are missing opportunities to tap
into the new avenues of global collaboration and
business ventures that allow cooperation and market
sharing of information and resources.

Part 1 2020 WordCamp Sustainable Development Goals for Content Creators

Part 1 2020 WordCamp Sustainable Development Goals for Content Creators
by William Jackson, M.Ed. My Quest To Teach #MyQuestToTeach
Speaking at WordCamp Atlanta, Miami and Jacksonville

William Jackson - HERO PANEL
William Jackson – HERO PANEL 2020

As a professional educator of 32 years there is always the
desire to take information and place it in categories of
measurable data and applied strategic placement in learning
objectives. The practice is an educational necessity to make
sure data is applied the correct way and there are measurable
assessments available to make sure there is learning and the
objectives are met.

Businesses perform similar evaluations of their data and match
it with employee performance, scalability of knowledge,
productivity data points, applicable skill-sets from training
and other analytical properties. Everyone is always evaluated,
it may not be equal, but it there are metrics in place.

In education processes are done with what have you learned
and from that learning can you apply to actual performance
standards. Performance based learning in how to do something
really good and proficiently. The challenge is that not all
assessments mean anything really. A test cannot assess the
passion people have, a test cannot assess the willingness
to help other people, a test cannot assess why someone would
spend hundreds of their personal finances to volunteer and
share their years of knowledge and experiences with strangers.

I have attend WordCamp conferences for several years
and after attending a WordCamp conference evaluating the
learning experience into integrating new concepts to teach
youth, teens and young adults is fun and necessary. I apply
conversations I have with people to my personal growth and
“pay it forward” to others as can be seen on Twitter, Slack
and other places where information is shared. There is
sustainable development ongoing constantly. Intellectual
property is a valuable assest that helps others grow and
contribute to the overall success of business and education.

Our world is based on knowledge, the application of learning
to effect change and influence others. A knowledge based
community needs people that value knowledge and shares it
on so many levels that learning should be seamless and

There is a learning curve and an adaptation to moving forward
in an ever changing digital environment. How can new learning
about technology help you to grow? A measure of WordCamp
success and engagement after attending needs to be strategic
and planned. There should be a plan to what sessions to attend,
what questions to ask at the Happiness Bar, when talking in the
hallways and even bathrooms of conferences what is the priority
of the day that needs solving or if the priority is to help as
many people as possible. Personal growth can also be the personal
growth to and of others.

The humorous thing about WordCamp is that a 5 minute exchange of
information in a bathroom can motivate others to new levels of
wanting to learn more. Side conversations around the refreshments
area can create new friendship, fellowship and even sharing Bible
scripture as I have heard on several occasions. There have been
information shared in conversations that I have when I teach in
Bible Study that I share at my church.

Self sacrifice is an important part of being human and the
growth of humanity and you see this at all WordCamp and KidsCamp
conferences. Helping others to reach their potential and share
that knowledge even more. Youth, teens and young adults are
looking at the adults and seeing how adults apply tech, share
their knowledge and grow personally and professionally.

Attending WordCamp Phoenix I was inspired by 17 year old Steven
and his energy and passion for WordCamp conferences. Hearing his
story and journey should inspire others especially youth and their
parents attending KidsCamp.

Conversations like Steven are important because knowledge is only
powerful if it is applied and given freely and joyfully. Steven
shows that when supported as he is with family that anything
is possible and obtainable.

Things I have learn since 2012 are fluid and scalable, the
perspectives, incites, relational data points, applied objectives
and even using differential instruction when speaking to diverse
audiences are considered to help others grow beyond where they are.

Sustainable development are not just fancy words for content
creators, but living, breathing, measurable goals that can be
used in multiple professions. Networking is key to sharing
information. When I taught at Edward Waters College from 2004
to 2017 I tried to teach my students that they cannot afford to
be shy, complacent, have feelings of entitlement, not think they
are owed anything in life. What you give is what you will get
in return.

The WordCamp and WordPress community is always giving, sharing,
inspiring, encouraging, elevating. Content creators of all
types, genders, lifestyles, abilities, generations, colors
and cultures thrive. In 2020 there are WordCamp conferences
thoughout Central America and growing in Africa. What better
way to share knowledge globally for the betterment of human

Purposeful learning is important because each generation is
dependent on the next to share the stories and the knowledge
to carry it on to the next generation.

Find out what WordCamp and KidsCamp is near you and register
to attend or volunteer to be the change you want in the

KidsCamp Jacksonville 2019

WordCamp Central – https://central.wordcamp.org/
My Quest To Teach – https://myquesttoteach.com/
That WordCamp Life – https://thatwordcamplife.com/